Winning Through Diversity

Rivers Casino provides a nurturing, diverse and inclusive environment, and is committed to equal opportunity employment and participation by all team members in all employment classifications throughout the organization.  This commitment to equal opportunities and diversity also applies to our vendors, suppliers and independent contractors.

We are committed to recruiting, employing, training and advancing talented people of any race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity and expression, marital status, family status, lifestyle, age, culture, religion, military and veteran status, citizenship or disability.

We actively search for a diverse pool of candidates to provide us with a depth of talent, skills and potential to meet our goals in all employment levels of our operation.

We celebrate our diversified employee base and appreciate its cooperative power as a means to meet our business goals.

We are committed to offering opportunities to diverse vendors, suppliers, contractors and other service providers from throughout Allegheny County and surrounding counties to enhance the participation of such groups in the success of our facility.

We require that our contractors and vendors practice equal opportunity policies when they deal with others who provide goods or services to us.

Rivers Casino believes that when we partner with diverse persons and businesses, there are limitless opportunities to share knowledge and expertise, and to ultimately assist each other to grow and succeed.